Starting Definition

start definition: The definition of a start is the beginning or first part of something. ( noun) An example of start is the beginning of a novel..

start in American English. (strt ). verb intransitive. 1.

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adj appropriate to the beginning or start of an event. “the starting point”. “hands in the starting position”. Synonyms: opening. first or beginning.

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Starting – Definition of Starting from The visiting team chooses the end from which to start, and the teams change ends at halftime. The game is started with a jump ball, and both teams must have five players on the court.

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4 days ago. starting meaning: 1. present participle of start 2. to begin doing something: 3. If a business or other organization.. Learn more.

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Self-starting definition, starter(def 3). See more.

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Starting and Target Date (Definition) Last updated; Save as PDF No headers. Set the date you want the student to start the class and the date to finish the class. To find out how to edit the start and target dates, use one of the following links:

start. (strt). v. started, starting, starts. v.intr. 1.