ec stack dosing

Let's take a look at the most effective ECA Stack dosage for fat loss. First of all, it's important to start out with a low.

The ECA stack has two main mechanisms of action that will lead to the ultimate goal of fat loss – increased metabolism and appetite suppression. A typical dose of ECA is 24mg of ephedrine, 200mg of caffeine, and 80mg of aspirin taken three times per day. This would be the maximum daily dosage recommended.

Consume ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin doses up to three times a day, and no more than four, in equal intervals. Slowly taper the dose upward as your tolerance increases. Begin at one dose each day, and add in the next dose every two to four days until you reach the full amount.

An EC formulation called Letigen which combined 20 mg of synthetic ephedrine and 200 mg of caffeine (recommended dose: 1-3 pills per day depending on user tolerance) was approved for sale by prescription in Denmark in 1990.

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Suggested ECA Stack Dosage The supplement is designed to be taken on 6-8 week cycles with 4 week breaks in between. Dosages should be ramped up slowly over time, eventually reaching 3 a day.

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An ECA Stack will only work if you are in a caloric deficit. It’s no magical formula that will make the fat dissapear. Make sure you prioritize a proper diet and work out program before even considering this stack. ECA Stack also comes with serious side effects when not used correctly.

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