black pepper fruit extract

Black Pepper: "King of Spices" Botanical name: piper nigrum. From the Piperaceae family, the black pepper plant is a trailing, woody vine that grows in tropical climates. After three to four years, it bears tiny white blossoms that become berries known as peppercorns.

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For instance, rats fed a high-fat diet plus either black pepper or a concentrated black pepper extract had significantly fewer markers of free.

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Understand more about Black Pepper uses, health benefits, side effects, interactions, Peber, Peper, Pepe, Peppar, Pepper, Pepper Extract, Peppercorn, Pfeffer, Pimenta, Pimienta, Black pepper is made by cooking the dried unripe fruit.

Black pepper, in amounts usually needed for cooking, can be consumed without the side effects. It is only when it is used in large doses or as supplements in the form of its active compound piperine that one needs to be cautious.. Fruit” Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, ScienceDirect.

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Black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper plant from the Piperaceae family. It is used as both, spice and a medicine. There is an ingredient in it called piperine, which causes the spiciness. It is native to Kerala, the southern state of India. Since ancient times, black pepper is one of the most widely-traded spices in the world.

Piperine, also known by its trademarked name, BioPerine, is an extract derived from black pepper, Piper Nigrum L, and long pepper, Piper longum L. Piperine is what gives peppers their spicy taste. This extract is marketed as a nutritional supplement and has been found to increase the absorption of a variety of nutrients.

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Black Pepper Fruit Extract is also suggested to have anti-cancer properties and cognitive enhancement and anti-depressant effects. common dosage: The typical dosage of black pepper extract for the purpose of enhancing the absorption of other supplements is 20 mg per day.