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humor technology TiVo set, Tivo.comWhat is This Thing Called TiVo?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Have you heard about the tapeless VCR that has taken over the television industry? Do you feel left out because most of your friends have one and you don’t? Well, fret no more. Read on for more information, coming straight from one not in the know.

Someone once said that once you own a TiVo, you will wonder how you ever managed to live without one. Without what did you say? You might ask, looking like the rear end of an unsophisticated donkey, if you’re anything like me. I first heard about TiVo a few months ago on the Oprah Winfrey show, and had no idea that I was watching the birth not of the blues, but of a push-button technological coup d’etat. TiVo users swear that the device has revolutionized their lives, altering domestic routines and granting an unprecedented opportunity to wrest control over broadcasters by determining the time and manner in which television will be viewed. Skipping ads and defying the scheduling structure of the advertising powers that may no longer soon be is both thrilling and, on a more visceral level, almost illicit.
using the remote
The two VCRs that live in my house are still a source of mystery to me. I can only recognize the two remotes, and sometimes I get them confused as well! Setting the time and date from a temperamental menu every time Daylight Savings rolls around or even after a storm blackout, has been a pain in places I’ve been brought up not to mention. I cannot envision a tapeless wonder being less complicated, but I’ve been wrong before. (In 1989 I was wrong.) One unexpected development and one that never occurred with owners of the VCR, has been the almost cult status that TiVo has achieved. It’s like a private club that is easy to join and so addictive that it is impossible to leave. According to Warren St. James of the New York Times, "if one types into Google the phrase ‘TiVo has changed my life,’ one will summon at least an afternoon’s worth of reading."

humor antenna ball, It is an odd phenomenon considering that the company producing TiVo has not advertised since the year 2000. Their mutant wonder hooks up to a television and can record up to 80 hours of programming on a hard drive. It grants a freedom similar to the effects of insect repellent, as commercials and other unwanted ads can be zapped with the merest touch of a button. At its core, TiVo is only a hard drive with an electronic TV guide, which digitizes an incoming TV signal and records it on the drive. Simple, but ingenious. This allows a user to play it back at his or her leisure, pause, fast forward and automatically record shows for future playback. This power is akin only to the divine right of advertising kings!
big TV
There is no question that TiVo equals freedom. The owner of such a device controls the television and not the other way around. Like all freedoms however, this one too comes with a price. In this case, it is around $250 for a model with a hard drive capable of storing 40 hours of programs, or $350 for an 80 hour machine. There is also a $12.95 monthly fee or a one-time lifetime charge of $250 for online access to TiVo’s computer servers. The systems require cable or satellite television and a phone line to download scheduling information.

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tech numor quotes
"Technology has enabled man to gain control over everything except technology."

"Never trust a computer that you can't throw out the window."
Steve Wozniak

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